The Brehon Law Society
                 Suffolk County

The Brehon Society of Suffolk County

Welcome to the Brehon Law Society of Suffolk County New York. We are an organization of Irish-American lawyers who meet monthly at the Irish Coffee Pub in East Islip, to share fellowship and friendship. We hope to provide our members with a social and cultural outlet and in so doing, serve as a useful networking tool for lawyers in Suffolk County that have affiliations with Ireland.

The organization is modeled on the Brehon Law Society in the City of New York which was founded in 1978.  We take our name from the body of ancient Celtic law that defined and governed legal relationships on the island of Ireland.  From earliest times, Brehon law was distinguished by its egalitarianism and by its respect for fundamental rights and liberties.  Inspired by this tradition, and motivated by the Irish experience in America, the members of the Brehon Law Society strive to use their talents to protect, to defend, and to extend human rights.

We are an organization composed of lawyers, judges, and other law-related personnel. Membership in the Brehon Law Society of Suffolk County, N.Y. is, however, open to all who support its programs and objectives, and we welcome into our group all who do so. 

We count among our members well-respected attorneys, as well as distinguished judges.  Our lawyer members pursue a broad and varied range of specialties.  They come from private firms of all sizes, as well as from public interest organizations and government service.  Our members freely volunteer their time and services to law society projects.

We are always looking for new members. Stop by the Irish Coffee Pub

Call for details.

Brehon Law Society of Suffolk County
  Riverhead, NY

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